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The Church of Universal Truth LLC was formed as a non-denominational organization to fill an unmet need in the community by providing small local churches, which cannot afford to maintain a full sized church building individually, access to a suitable chapel and Sunday school classrooms. Other community organizations and individuals can also use the classrooms, conference room and chapel. We serve the city of Kilgore and the surrounding area.


It is our mission to support organizations and individuals who agree:


Through the responsible use of free will, we create our own path in the world which gives our lives and the lives of others meaning.


Humankind is imbued with fundamental rights and freedoms including  freedom of expression, freedom of association, freedom of thought, freedom to maintain privacy, freedom to live in peace and safety, freedom of action as long as that action does not interfere with the fundamental rights of others.

Government exists solely to establish justice, protect the peace, guard fundamental rights, and provide regulation only when necessary to preserve the aforementioned.


Individuals must respect the beliefs of others provided those beliefs are not formed arbitrarily, are not falsely claimed merely to be provocative, are based in reason and do not violate the other doctrines listed.


The Church of Universal Truth supports education and understanding through social activities and interactions because these  are beneficial to all communities and this interaction may take the form of  lectures, workshops, worship services and community meetings that provide a religious, charitable, scientific, literary, educational purpose or encourage the defense of human and civil rights secured by law or related purposes.


Events that meet this criteria or related purposes approved by the manager(s) and that meet our minimum requirements for reservations may apply to use our facilities.




Kilgore Texas

Community Meeting Space and Classrooms

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